Monthly Archives: September 2008

Patio Is Open

Come enjoy the weather on the best patio in town!

Several new menu items & wine specials this weekend for you to sample so come on in!

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We Are Opening Later Tonight

Dinner will start a little after 7 pm this evening due to a private party we are hosting until 7.  Hopefully the rain will stop and we can feed y’all outside too!

Happy Weekend!

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Specials This Weekend



with housemade bacon, house-grown basil, and goat cheese


Bibb Salad

with roasted garlic and shallot vinaigrette, slow roasted tomatoes, preserved lemon, Boqueron anchovy, and a garlic crouton



Double Cut Pork Chop

with andouille and goat cheese stuffed pupusa, shredded cabbage salad, housemade pickles, and a 14-pepper jelly


Dante’s Kitchen Bouillibase

with mussels, calamari, fish, shrimp, chorizo, and lacinato kale


Roasted Hake

with lyonnaise potatoes and malt vinaigrette, radish shoots, and preserved lemon; served with roasted red pepper ketchup, pickled watermelon tartar sauce, and fleur de sel

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We Are Open Again!!!

The power is back on so we will be open for dinner on Saturday September 5th @ 6 p.m.

Come on in!

We resume our normal schedule on Sunday with Brunch @ 1030.

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We Will Be Open…

…At some point in the futre.  Thanks for checking.

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