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Small Plates???

What is a “Small Plate” you ask? It is an attempt to let our diners be more creative with their meal selection by mixing and matching some of our great Perique Farms vegetable selections as well as some of our favorite sides & starches. Check out the menu and start planning your dinner now!!!

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New Menu!

We have decided to feature our friend Tony Accardo & his incredible vegetables grown right down river road in St. James parish. Check out the rest of our weekly menu changes under the MENU section of our website.


Perique Farms Vegetable Selections

Black Tuscan Kale with black eyed peas and Italian sausage

Cabbage stuffed with Louisiana brown jasmine rice, golden raisins, and toasted pine nuts

Satsuma braised cabbage with Chinese bacon and farm egg

Stewed farm greens: mustard, turnips, and beet

Sautéed heading mustard greens with smoked pit ham and kalamata olives

Kohlrabi and turnips cooked in tasso cream

Housemade Pickle Plate

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