Summer Cocktails Have Arrived

Liquid Prozac

Bombay Gin infused with locally grown cucumbers muddled lemon & lime House made Watermelon Club Soda

Blueberry Mojito

Local blueberries & syrup with fresh mint, Old New Orleans Crystal  rum, lime juice, and soda

Peach Old Fashioned

So we’re getting these incredible peaches from Ruston Louisiana, a town that  everyone knows grows the best peaches in the state. these peaches are at that perfect stage where they are ripe, sweet, juicy and still firm, you know that’s the whole reason that we search long and hard for these ingredients,” GROWN FOR FLAVOR NOT FOR SHIPPING” . What to do ? what to do? Well i do love a well made old fashioned, and I’ll tell you what, peaches and bourbon sure do like each others company. We start with 10 year aged bourbon and soak those beautiful peaches in that for about 2 weeks, mellow-sweet and rich perfume of summer. Then we mash some oranges with Craig’s brandied cherries add two types of bitters and a touch of local sugar simple syrup to wrap it up. That’s it, summertime in a glass.

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