Specials For This Week

Summer is in full swing here now and all we can think about is eating on the lighter side with cooling effects.

this week we got some Local Soft Shell Crabs, yep thats right i said local and delicious and uber clean. pan fried, we dont have a fryer so nothing is ever fried here. in New Orleans there is a traditional dish called a wopp salad, but lets not call it that. Pickled stuff like cauliflower, carrots, celery, green beans and two types of olives. Umm Yumm. some baby arugula and a fork is all you need.

i am calling this dish “Not your average pork and beans”we are doing our famous grilled confit pork steak, a whole pork shoulder confit then sliced and grilled to make it rich and fork tender on the inside and crisp and crunchy on the outside. From tony we got some squashes that BrianĀ  shredded and mixed with vinegar for a spark which cut any of the heaviness . Plaquemine parish fresh beans, like black eyed, crowder, pink eye and lima. now if you have never hade fresh beans they bear little resemblance to the old and dried stuff you get in the grocery store. these do not need to be stewed to be edible, they just get a quick blanch and are good to go. top this off with Georges figs flavored mustard vinaigrette and there you have a full flavored tasty summer dish that wont weigh you down.

yellow fin tuna again yes from clean gulf waters. it was crying out for a chili and citrus marinade and the Grill. Brian took the tuna scraps left over from cutting up the whole fish and made a tonato sauce, that’s roasted tuna with anchovies and spice mayonnaise. this is always one of my favorite condiments. what else we got around here this time of year? well it also happens to be creole tomato season( these are heirloom tomatoes that never went away and did not need to be resurrected ). grilled and turned into a fresh chunky sauce and i’m telling you i’m ready to eat.

so come on down and enjoy the cool goodies in the warm weather.


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