Fleeting Delicacy

anyone  that has known  me for any amount of time knows of my love for pears,(and my distaste for punctuation and capitalization but that is another story), but not pears any time of year only during the true pear season. now is pear season. out of season they are only silicone impostors filled full of lies and misguided promises. now while the flesh is firm yet yielding and the fruit full of sweet nectar and perfume designed to attract the birds and the bees, is the time to enjoy these gifts of late summer..

well summer here has started to crack. its impenetrable walls of heat and humidity have opened a bit and into this chasm falls the  pear with its heralding of cooler weather, outdoor activities and vitality.

i think that since the season is short and that knowing it will end soon and i wont enjoy a pear in its peak perfection for another 11 months i try to enjoy them now as much and in as many variations as i can.

then they are gone.

they will live in memory on a pedestal.

till next year.

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