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its thanksgiving

so the big question when you’re a chef is whatcha cookin for thanksgiving, bet you got lots of goodies up your sleeve.

well that might be but not this year.

as per a family tradition we are going to the horse track. yep thats right the horse track. it’s opening day for the season and lots of fun to be had. also the only time during the year besides jazz fest that kids are allowed at the track.

so we’ll be dressed up in our gatsbys and watching them come down the back 16th.

then its off to catch the saints

thats what i love in thanksgiving, surrounded by family and prayer

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come see us at the po boy fest

we will be taking part this year for the first time in the “new orleans revival restoration preservation congregation all in po boy fest” which is happening on oak street in lovely uptowns riverbend section this sunday nov 14 from i dont know what time to i dont know what time.

how many people we gonna do- i dont know last year they said that there were 30,000 people out there.

hope we got enough food

now the fun part


ok we are doing a pork confit steak cuban sandwich with house made pickles and bourbon black pepper mustard

pork is rubbed with seasoning for 3 days then slow cooked for 12 hours then cut into steaks and grilled

put on po boy bread with swiss cheese and our mustard and those pickles made by our own matt “quick pickle” mashon (with a name like that you know its gonna be good

so come and see
drink some beer
listen to some tunes
taste lots of po boys
laisse le bon temps roule.

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