That might give you some problems later on

I remember hearing my doctor saying those words back in 1989. While playing basketball with some friends I took a spill and ended up busting my ankle. After a trip to the hospital emergency room the verdict is cast for 5 weeks. Well for a young cook working in a top level french kitchen making $8 an hour that was news I just couldn’t and frankly wouldn’t deal with. Man I needed the money and just not my speed then or now to be laid up for that kinda time. I convinced them to give me a walking cast so I could get on with doing what I do. Then those words landed on my ears but who ever listens to that kinda stuff that’s right up there with ” its going on your permanent record “ I was invincible. Who isn’t at 25.

20 some odd years down the road standing in kitchens all that time well now it is down the road some. You know what I still ain’t the type to sit around for 5 weeks but after that invincibility thing wears off it makes a little more sense to listen when thy tell me to stay off it for some time.

Well that’s what I been doing lately and ready to get back to it.
Working on new dishes doing paper work and giving thanks to Brian for holding down the fort.

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