I love this time of year



Beautiful weather the scent of jasmine and honeysuckle in the air warm nights and and on every block it seems the smell of a crawfish boil is wafting from at least one yard. Well hey I got a boil pot a sack of crawfish and lots of beer. I’m gonna do it. So check it out for the next few weeks I am boiling crawfish on the patio at dinner.
Potatoes and Andouille are always a nice addition to the pot.
Reminds me of when I first moved to new Orleans in the 1980’s standing around a newspaper covered table in someone’s backyard drinking longneck beers in a T-shirt and shorts listening to the Neville brothers or the Rads making new friends talking about this and that wondering who’s playing at tips that night getting a plan together for late night mind candy adventures.
That’s the kinda stuff that can make someone wanna stay around here for a good long time.

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