When is cooking not cooking?




Curing and preserving of meat and fish go way back in history. Every culture has some form of it. What once was a means of maintaining a food source has over time been elevated to the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Its also a lot of fun.

We’ve been lucky enough to find some space to take a stab at it. There’s salamis and pancettas. Cured pork jowel that our pastry lady got for us when she slaughtered her pigs recently.We have a particular style of ham called Culatello that takes about a year to be properly tasty And with time and experimention, many more to come.

Lots of interesting variations and flavors to consider. Trial and error. Patience is the top virtue with this stuff also. Hopefully some time soon you’ll be able to join us for some paper thin slices of salt of the earth cooking that was never really cooked at all.

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