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Speaking of Salumi

ok…we showed you the pictures earlier, but now we can let you taste them.  Our Salumi plate has been unveiled.  Choose one or get a taste of all seven…enjoy!



Selection changes daily


Salami di bastardo

mild, creamy, black pepper, cinnamon, clove



air dried beef, pepper, thyme, juniper berry



cured pork loin, sweet & salty, black pepper, garlic


Salami di Calabrese

tangy,  red pepper flake, anise seed, vermouth



pungent, salty, red wine, garlic, peppercorn



smoky, paprika, garlic, sherry, oregano


Served with grilled bread and accompaniment

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We’re number 47!!!!!

In a review on poor taste magazine rating the 100 best brunches in America we show up as number 47 and loving it.
P.s. I would post a link to the article bur I can’t figure out how to do that.

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