EXCITING NEW BLOG UPDATES! YAYY!! (we have strawberries!)

Oh hey there! We’re Katy Jane and Rosie Jean – we work here at Dante’s Kitchen. We are going to start updating you all on all the super exciting things that are going on here at the restaurant. This includes but is not limited to happenings behind the bar and in the kitchen. Our chefs and bartenders are always working with local and fresh products to make creative drinks, snacks and other consumables. We will keep you updated on what we think is newsworthy but feel free to write in about what you are interested in learning from and about us.

Interesting morsel for today: Strawberries are in season! We have several sweet dishes that incorporate the local late season delights. New to the dessert menu is our strawberry Meyer lemon tartlette – sweet and tangy, crunchy and creamy, it is a ray of summer sunshine in the middle of winter.

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