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Our Very Own Kristyne Bouley in a National Pastry Chef Competition!

Hey y’all, we have some news that we are really proud to share with you: our pastry chef Kristyne Bouley has been nominated for Food & Wine’s The People’s Best New Pastry Chef 2012 Award! She is up against 50 other talented pastry chefs across the country and we need your help in supporting her in this competition. You can vote for her at under the Central Region Pastry Chefs section. Those of you who have eaten dessert at Dante’s in the past year don’t have to be told that our pastry chef is really amazing at making creative and delicious dessert dishes. Dessert here is not just a sweet fix, but another creative addition to your whole meal that provides you with a totally unique dining experience.
Kris has been working at Dante’s Kitchen for a little over a year and during her time here has brought us some truly innovative and delicious pastries and other dessert items. Kris’s main talent is taking what we already know to be dessert favorites and zapping them with a creative flare. Our current cheese plate at Dante’s is just one example of how she transforms a classic dish into something really special with her baking talent. Instead of simply serving our cheese plate with sliced bread, we provide our customers with three unique and tasty cheeses along with Kris’s awesome fruit cake made with Bourbon macerated fruit and pecans. This fruit cake takes a lot of preparation because she has to soak the fruit in bourbon prior to making it. However, her hard work is well worth it because its boozy, sweet flavor combined with its moist and chunky texture makes it a perfect dessert option to pair with our selection of cheeses. Along with the fruit cake, Kris puts an apple galette on the cheese plate that is made from layers on layers of super thin apple slices. This galette is baked until the apple slices turn into a jelly-like substance that can be used as a spread for the cheese. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the cheese plate and works with the fruit cake to make this dish one of kind.
Along with this unique cheese plate, Kris has come up with many other interesting combinations to enhance our customers’ dessert experiences. Several examples are her Chocolate Sesame Cake served with Halva Gelato and her Apple Rosemary Upside Down Cake served with pine nut brittle and crème fraiche gelato.
So, to reward Kris for all of her pastry and dessert creations, please show your support and tell your friends to help out too by going to and voting for Kristine Bouley under the Central Region Pastry Chefs section. This is a huge opportunity for her and your help will be much appreciated!

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