It’s mr Tom

every year in June mister tom and ms joy an older couple from Mississippi will call I don’t know when but I do know that they call and this is a call to take. in their mid 60’s they have some blueberry plants around and just the two of them go out and pick just the ripe ones.

The dedication of going through the garden and picking berries to sell to us it just warms my heart and after 10 years doing business together, i’m always a sure buyer. tom will show up with a polka dotted ice cream container with the juiciest tastiest berries I can get all season. immediately I call over to amelia ,my pastry chef, and say mr tom is coming Friday or Saturday or one of these days and he’s got the stuff. amelia starts thinking about a blueberry shortcake, not just berries on a biscuit with whipped cream but her thought pattern goes from berries to compote to soup questions of sweet biscuit or unsweet biscuit will the compote overwhelm and be too sweet if the biscuit is sweet too. we test and these are the lightest biscuits I’ve ever had. the secret is in the mixing I’m told. ice cream comes up hazelnut? Guinness?spice/ I don’t know I’m overwhelmed I get lost in my dream world of ripe berries work in a field dedication and unsurpassed talent. surprise me please i know it’ll be great  I have the faith. thank you for the work the talent and the products. its a great time to be in la. and enjoying the season’s bounty