If coffee drinkers are looking for a machine that takes all of the work out of making espresso, then they’re more than likely looking for the best super-automatic espresso machine that they can buy. Although these machines do have somewhat of a grandiose name, they do take much of the work out of making espresso. We were so impressed and fascinated by how these machines work, that we decided to find the best ones available. The following espresso machines are the ones that we feel confident in recommending, and that’s followed by a guide that will help all of our readers get the most out of their espresso machine.

Quick Summary of the Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Editor’s Choice: Breville Fully-Automatic Oracle Touch

The first thing that we would like to mention about this machine is that it isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. It’s one of the more expensive models that we’ve reviewed. However, having stated that fact, we also have to say that this is one of the best super-automatic espresso machines that we’ve ever seen.

It not only has a beautiful style to it, but it also has all of the features that consumers need. It provides a fully hands-off machine that’s capable of helping the consumer craft espressos like a pro. Sure, the customer might not be able to micromanage some of its features, but that’s the price that people have to pay for an automatic espresso brewing experience.

This machine automates every step of the process and all the consumer has to do is swipe to select whether they want an espresso, a cappuccino, a long black, a flat white, or a latte. This machine has a built-in grinder, so it can automatically grind, dose and tamp 22-grams of coffee, so the consumer gets the same quality espresso every time they use the machine. It also brews with a precise water temperature that can mean the difference between a weak and watery espresso and one that has depth and body. It’s capable of achieving this by using a digital temperature control known as PID.

Thanks to this model’s Over-Pressure-Valve, it can achieve the same optimal water pressure that commercial espresso makers can achieve. With this maximum level of pressure, the consumer can rest assured that their coffee is being extracted perfectly. And with a perfect extraction, the consumer doesn’t have to worry about bitter flavors that can happen from over-extraction or a lack of body that can occur from under extraction.

Other features that can be found on this marvelous machine include a triple heat system, a dedicated steam boiler for the steam wand, and adjustable grind control and 8 coffee settings that can be customized. All of which makes it the perfect fully automatic espresso machine.

What we liked about it
– This model is easy to use.
– It provides a fully hands-off brewing experience.

Also Recommended: De’Longhi Magnifica Fully-Automatic Espresso Machine

Some people may think that it’s an impossibility to find a budget super-automatic espresso machine, but we found one when we discovered this model. This espresso maker is half the price of many of the high-end models, yet it’s still capable of producing a hands-free shot of espresso that every coffee connoisseur can appreciate.

It also has a nice sleek stainless steel look to it that fits in well with just about any decor. All of this makes this the fully automatic espresso maker that many people are looking for, but one that doesn’t have a price tag that’s going to be a budget breaker.

One of the things that we like about this model is that it produces consistent espresso every single time it’s run. It’s equipped with a professional burr grinder that has 13 adjustable grind settings that allow the consumer to make the perfect cup of espresso. It also provides the consumer with a simple control panel that gives the consumer the menu options for adjusting temperature, cup size, and coffee strength. Once those settings have been set, the machine is then capable of doing the rest. And because this model uses a rapid cappuccino system, the machine maintains temperature so cup after cup can be brewed if needed.

Something else that we like about this machine is its extractable brew unit. This unit not only self-adjusts for one or two shots of espresso, but it’s also easy to clean. Another thing that we like about this machine is that it’s capable of remembering the consumer’s brewing preferences, so the consumer doesn’t have to adjust it every single time they use it.

And finally, this system comes with a manual frother that mixes milk and steam to create a creamy froth, so the coffee lover can craft several different drinks. Not all that shabby for a machine that doesn’t cost as much like many other fully automatic machines.

What we liked about it
– This model isn’t very expensive.
– It brews some great espresso.

Also Consider: Saeco Incanto Carafe Super Automatic Espresso Machine

There’s a lot of ways that we can begin the review of this espresso machine, but we think we’ll start with its looks. We just have to say that this is a beautiful machine. It has a stainless-steel exterior and a design that’s nothing short of elegant. Just by looking at the machine, the consumer can tell that it’s made with the best materials and the highest quality of workmanship.

This machine is more than just a pretty face, however. It also has several features that allow it to make a finely crafted cup of espresso. Of course, that’s after the consumer learns how to operate the machine since it does seem to have somewhat of a learning curve to it.

Once a person gets the hang of using this machine, however, it does a brilliant job of crafting espresso. It’s equipped with a ceramic grinder that’s not only long-lasting but prevents the problem caused by so many automatic grinders and that problem is it overheating and making the coffee beans taste like they’ve been burnt.

This machine’s grinder doesn’t have that effect and it grinds the coffee beans perfectly every time. Another thing that we appreciated about this unit was that it also had an auto-cleaning cycle that makes cleanup quick and easy.

Other features worth discussing are this unit’s capacity. It can hold up to 8.8 ounces of coffee beans for grinding and brewing, and its waste container can hold up to 60.9 ounces. That means the consumer is going to spend less time filling it up and emptying it than they would with similar machines.

This machine also heats coffee quickly, so the consumer doesn’t have to wait a long time when they go for that second cup of espresso. And if the coffee drinker wants to switch things up and switch to decaffeinated coffee, this machine even has a powder option. As anyone can see, this is a great machine that anyone can appreciate.

What we liked about it
– This machine is well made.
– This machine has a lot of features.

A Guide To Using Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

Thanks to our reviews, we think that most consumers have a good assortment of options to choose from when searching for a new super-automatic espresso machine. Now we want to help our readers get the most out of that machine. These machines are expensive, so we’re sure everyone who buys one wants to not only make sure that it performs up to expectations but that it continues to run that way for a long time to come. That’s why we’ve included the following tips for our readers. Now everyone can enjoy these machines and keep them in good running condition for as long as possible. 

[wc_fa icon=”cutlery” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Make Sure To Use The Correct Coffee Beans

Although these machines remove much of the work from making espresso, these machines tend to be a bit finicky. What I mean by that is that some beans will cause problems when they’re used in an automatic espresso machine. The wrong beans are the oily ones. Which beans are oily? Dark roasted beans are usually the ones with an oily texture, and it’s that oily texture that can wreak havoc when used in an automatic coffee machine. What happens is that the oil from the beans is transferred to the burrs of the automatic espresso machines bean grinder. Over time, this excess oil can prevent the grinder from working, which can essentially break the machine. Excess oil can also end up smearing the sensors that tell the unit how to grind, dispense and dose the coffee. The only way to avoid this problem from occurring is to not use dark roasted beans in the automatic machine in the first place. However, if the consumer has to use dark roasted beans in their machine, then they better take the extra steps to ensure that any excess oil is adequately cleaned out of it. 

[wc_fa icon=”cutlery” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Use Purified Water

It’s also a good idea for the consumer to use the right type of water in their machine. What’s the right type of water? It’s water that’s been run through a water purifier to remove the excess minerals from it. This is especially important in areas where hard water is a problem. The minerals in the water can build up and cause failure with everything from the sensors to the actual brewing unit itself. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to use distilled water in the machine instead of using tap water. If home tap water has to be used, however, the consumer should take extra care to descale their machine regularly. 

[wc_fa icon=”cutlery” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Follow The Machine’s Manufactures Instructions

Another thing to keeping the machine in good running condition is for the consumer to make sure they familiarize themselves with their machine’s manufacturer’s instructions. If the consumers follow the machine’s instructions, they will be more likely to use it properly. And a properly used machine lasts longer than a machine that’s used improperly. 

[wc_fa icon=”cutlery” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Follow A Cleaning Schedule

If the consumer has read their machine’s instructions, then they’ll know that they have to regularly clean their machine to keep it in good condition. This includes wiping off the exterior, cleaning the drip trays and removing any oils that may have built up from coffee beans. There are several different products that can be used for cleaning the espresso machine and these include products such as Breville Espresso Machine Cleaner, Cafiza Tablets, and Clean Espresso Tablets. It’s also a good idea to clean the machine’s milk frother as well, and fortunately, there are products that are meant to clean that part of the machine as well. Milk frother cleaning products include Puro Liquid Cleaner, Jura Milk Frother Cleaner, and Rinza Frother Cleaner, among others. 

It’s also a good idea to descale the machine on a regular basis. This should only be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions and only using a product designed for that purpose. There are a variety of coffee maker descaling cleaners that can be used in these espresso machines including Impresa Products Coffee Machine Descaler, Essential Value Coffee Machine Descaler, and Urnex Descal Espresso Descaler. Before using any of these products, however, be sure that the machine’s instructions allow for their use. 

And finally, the consumer should never use any of the common home coffee maker descaling techniques on their new espresso machine. This includes using baking soda and white vinegar or lemon juice. Using these “home remedies” on an espresso machine will shorten its lifespan, and we all know that they’re too expensive for that to happen. 

[wc_fa icon=”cutlery” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]In Conclusion

Hopefully, this article will help all of our readers find and use the espresso machine of their dreams. Although these machines do tend to cost more than the average home espresso machine, we think that consumers will wonder how they have ever gotten along without it once they’ve begun using it. In our opinion, super-automatic espresso machines are the epitome of luxury and convenience.