Commercial coffeemakers are designed to provide large groups of customers with the coffee they need and do it while maintaining the quality of the brew. Although home coffeemakers are good for the home, they just don’t have the capacity or the features that restaurant owners need out of their coffeemakers. Therefore, if the consumer needs a machine that’s capable of handling large crowds of people, then they need to purchase a commercial model. Below are some of the models that we’ve reviewed and that we think are the best commercial coffeemakers available. Any one of the following models is sure to keep customers happy—which is a good thing because the customer is always right.

Quick Summary of the Best Commercial Coffee Makers

Best Overall: Keurig K150P Commercial Brewing System

This commercial coffeemaker might not come with the equipment needed to hook it up to a water line, that’s easy enough for consumers to purchase separately and we don’t feel that it lowers the value of this great system. This machine is designed to provide the consumer with the features they need, all wrapped in a model that’s easy-to-use and to clean. In this review, we’re going to take a look at some of the more common features of this machine and talk about how those features can be useful to the commercial user. It was a machine that we thought worked well and one that we like a whole lot.

This machine is approximately 10.5×13.6×14 inches and weighed around 18-pounds. It’s a commercial UL-listed model that’s capable of delivering 4,6,8,10 and 12-ounce brew sizes. It’s also a model that’s NSF-certified for food-service use and is equipped with an LCD full-color touchscreen. This model also features bilingual brewing instructions, a drainable internal tank and an automatic on/off function. This 1,400-watt model also has a modern look to it that allows it to fit in with the decor of any commercial establishment or even for the home.

Since this is a K-cup brewer, the consumer should only use compatible K-cups with it. This model also comes with an energy-saving mode that helps to keep energy-usage at bay, especially when this machine is used all-day, every day. When installing this unit, they should also make sure to install the Direct Plumb Accessory Kit, which is sold separately and should be come with a water filter. Keeping in mind all its features, as well as its limitations, we think that it’s easy to see why so many consumers like this model. In our opinion, it’s one of the best commercial coffeemakers available and is quite easy to use.

What we liked about it
– This product is very easy-to-use.
– It can deliver coffee in several different brew sizes.
– It has a modern look to it.

Also Recommended: Bunn VPS 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

This commercial coffee maker is approximately 8x23x19.2-inches and weighs 25-pounds. It’s a model with a beautiful stainless steel exterior that not only looks great but also makes this machine extremely durable. It’s also a surface that’s easy to clean up after use, so the consumer should have no problem keeping it looking good despite using it daily. Unlike some of the other commercial models available, it also doesn’t require a plumping connection to use it. All the consumer has to do is just pour cold water into its top and its ready to crank out approximately 3.9-gallons of Joe per hour.

This unit can also brew two pots of coffee while keeping one pot warm. This is all due to its innovative design that features a right and left brew station, and a top warmer for keeping already brewed coffee warm. And because this model has three switches that correspond to each of them, this unit is easy to use. All the user has to do is flip a switch for the lower right burner, flip a switch for the lower-left burner and flip a switch for the top burner. It’s nice that each of these burners is individually controlled, so the user can determine how best to use it.

Another thing that we liked about this unit was that it had a SplashGard Funnel that deflects hot liquids away from the hand. This allows for a comfortable and safe brew every single time. And thanks to this model’s small footprint, it’s not all that difficult for most users to find a place to put it. If there’s any single complaint that we had about this coffeemaker it had to be the fact that the decanters don’t come with it. Therefore, if the consumer is going to purchase this coffee machine, then they’re going to need to buy three carafes to go along with it. Some people might not think it’s a big deal, but it is worth mentioning.

What we liked about it
– It’s a well-made coffee maker.
– It can knock out 3.9-gallons of coffee per hour.

Also Consider: Keurig K155 Office Pro Commercial K-Cup Coffeemaker

One of the first things that we’d like to say about this model is that it’s quite nice looking. It has a beautiful full-color LCD touchscreen and a style that allows it to fit in with the decor of any kitchen. It also has a small footprint that allows it to fit easily in most kitchens or offices. This model is approximately 14×10.4×13.8 inches, so it fits easily on most counters. But it’s small size and great looks aren’t what’s impressive about this model. No, what makes this one of the better commercial coffeemakers available is that it has some of the features that consumers need out of one of these machines.

One of the things worth mentioning is that this model has an extra-large 90-ounce water reservoir capacity. That allows the consumer to make up to 18-cups of coffee before having to refill the unit, which is good for those mandatory office meetings or presentations. And the consumer can choose from one of four different brew sizes, too. The brew sizes include 4,6,8 or 10-ounce cups that the consumer can customize according to what coffee strength they prefer. And its touch screen interface makes setting the brew temperature and other programmable settings quick and easy.

And because this unit can be easily drained, the consumer can store it in between uses or ferry it back and forth from their home to the office. Other features that can be found on this model include an automatic on/off feature, quiet brew technology, and a removable drip tray. And since it uses K-cup pods for brewing coffee, the consumer has hundreds of different varieties to choose from. All of these features and its quick brew time make this one of the best commercial coffeemakers available. We think it’s a great model and one that’s worth considering.

What we liked about it
– It has a large 90-ounce water reservoir.
– It has a full-color LCD touchscreen.

A Commercial Coffeemaker Buying Guide

Now that we’ve gone over some of our favorite commercial coffeemakers, we thought that we’d write this guide on this subject. We did that because we feel there’s a lot to say about these types of coffeemakers that we can’t necessarily state in the confines of a review. Therefore, we decided that this guide would be the best way to pass this information on to our readers. We sincerely hope that this guide will provide the information the consumer needs to not only purchase the best commercial coffeemaker available but also keep that machine in good condition. 

[wc_fa icon=”cutlery” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]How To Purchase A Commercial Coffeemaker

Let’s kick this guide off by talking about some of the features that consumers are going to want to consider before purchasing a new commercial coffeemaker. Because there are so many different models of these coffee machines available, it’s difficult to talk about every feature available, but we will try to cover the basics in this guide. 

[wc_fa icon=”spoon” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Step One: Determine The Coffeemaker Type

Commercial models come in different styles, so the first step in choosing a great one is to decide which model is right for them. Let’s examine some of the more common commercial coffeemaker features, so all of our readers can find a model that suits their needs properly. 

[wc_fa icon=”spoon” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Decanter Coffeemaker

This is one of the most common types of coffee machines and we think that most people are familiar with how it’s used, but we’ll give a brief explanation of it anyway. This machine heats water and then distributes it over coffee grounds. The water then drips through the grounds and into a metal or glass decanter. These are often found in diners and restaurants that offer table service. Once the coffee is in the decanter, it’s kept warm thanks to a heated plate—much like a home decanter coffeemaker. These machines come in two subcategories: ones that have to be directly connected to the building’s water supply and ones that require the user to manually add cold water to the machine. The ones that hook up to the building’s water supply are quicker and easier to use, but they may require professional installation or the purchase of an additional water kit. 

[wc_fa icon=”spoon” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Airpot Brewers

Also known as thermal brewers, these commercial coffeemakers work much like decanter models, but instead of depositing the coffee into a decanter, it goes directly into an Airpot or thermal serve. The main benefit of these coffeemakers is that they can keep coffee hot, fresh and stable for 120-minutes at a time. This is in direct contrast to decanter models that begin to make the coffee bitter in 30-45 minutes. These models are often used for cafes, buffet lines, and self-service restaurants. 

[wc_fa icon=”spoon” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Commercial Pod Brewers

Thanks to an impressive marketing campaign, just about everyone is familiar with pod brewers. All the consumer has to do is pop in a pod and they can make coffee fairly quickly. These coffeemakers are better for locations that don’t intend to serve a large quantity of coffee at one time–such as offices or hotel lobbies. And since there are hundreds of varieties of pods available, it’s also great for places that want to offer their customers a lot of different coffee and/or tea choices. Some of these models need to be directly hooked up to the building’s water supply and others use a pour-over system. 

[wc_fa icon=”spoon” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Some Features To Consider

Once the consumer has determined which commercial coffeemaker is right for their establishment, it’s time for them to consider some of the features they want that machine to have. Some of the following features might not apply to everyone, but they’re a good starting point to get consumers closer to their goal of finding a great machine for the restaurant, office, hotel or diner. Let’s take a quick look at some of these features before moving on. 

  • Adjustable Brew Strength
  • Adjustable Cup Sizes
  • Adjustable Brew Temperature
  • Automatic Shutoff Feature
  • Built-In Water Filters
  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Lighted On/Off Switches
  • Audible Brew Cycle Warnings

[wc_fa icon=”cutlery” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Taking Care Of A Commercial Coffeemaker

Okay, the above information is a good start for helping consumers procure a great commercial coffeemaker. Now it’s time to take a few moments to talk about properly taking care of that machine to keep it in the best condition for as long as possible. Below are some tips for keeping that new commercial coffeemaker working as well as it can for as long as it can. 

  • Read The Unit’s Instructions Completely
  • Wipe Off The Exterior Of The Machine
  • Keep The Baskets & Decanters Clean
  • Remove Mineral Deposits Regularly