Anyone who’s been searching for not only better-tasting coffee but also healthier coffee might want to consider switching to the best organic coffee they can find. Coffee made from organic beans has a fresh taste to it that’s unmatched and also doesn’t have all of the chemicals that can work their way into ordinary coffee. We’re so smitten with organically grown and processed coffee, that we’ve decided to go ahead and review the best ones available. We think that everyone can benefit from using organic coffee, which is why we would like to introduce a few products to our readers for their consideration.

Quick Summary of the Best Organic Coffees

Editor’s Choice: Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano Dark Roast

Cafe Cubano dark roast whole bean coffee is the signature blend offered by Mayorga Organics, and it’s a specialty-grade coffee that we feel many of our readers are going to love. That’s because this coffee is not only made from the best organic coffee beans available but is also slow-roasted using a special roasting technique. This allows the beans to reach their optimal flavor levels and to develop a unique flavor profile. A flavor profile that’s suitable for a variety of brewing methods including drip, pour-over and French Press coffee makers. It can even be used for making great espresso for lattes and cappuccinos.

Before we can talk about what our readers can expect when they open a bag of this coffee, we first have to talk about how they source their beans. This coffee manufacturer uses 100% USDA organic coffee beans that are grown in the shade by Latin American farmers. This product is sourced directly and is non-GMO-verified for the best results. These beans are also Kosher, so everyone can enjoy the rich flavor of these coffee beans to make an excellent cup of coffee.

After the beans are sourced, they then roast them to perfection. This company uses a signature slow-roasting Latin process using modern equipment to achieve a very unique flavor profile. The result is a dark-roasted profile that has a smooth smokiness to it and a product that has hints of vanilla and caramel.

And because these beans are dark-roasted, they also have a bold finish. Of course, because they’re dark roasted beans, they might not be appreciated by everyone, but for coffee drinkers who love dark-roasted coffees, this is one of the best organic coffees products currently available.

What we liked about it
– This coffee has a smooth and bold finish to it.
– This coffee is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans.
– These coffee beans are inexpensive.

Also Recommended: Subtle Earth Medium-Dark Roast Beans

These coffee beans from Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth are medium-dark roasted, which brings out their flavor and helps them to have a low acidity to them. When these whole coffee beans are ground, they create a chocolaty flavor that’s earthy and has a smooth body. This product has notes of cocoa that taste a little bit like a combination of caramel and honey. This makes it a great organic coffee for most people, although we do have to say that it might not have the amount of caffeine that medium-roasted coffee consumers are used to consuming. That’s because these beans are medium-roasted, which destroy some of the naturally occurring caffeine that might be found in them.

Another thing that we’d like to mention about these coffee beans is that they’re different from many of the other brands of coffee available. That’s probably due to the source of the coffee beans. This company sources beans from the Marcala region of Honduras. These are 100% Arabic beans that are non-GMO, certified organic beans that are packed at the absolute peak of perfection. These are coffee beans that are grown without any chemical inputs, so the consumer always gets the most natural product possible.

Some people might wonder how the company fertilizes their growing coffee trees or keeps pests from consuming them while they’re growing. And the answer is simple. This product uses the fruit of the coffee beans as a naturally composted fertilizer and they grow the coffee at higher altitudes where fewer insects are present.

And some of the farmer plant peppers around the coffee trees, which are a natural pest repellent. It’s these measures that allow them to grow great organic coffee with a unique flavor profile. All of the measures this company used to create a fantastic product really shows in every single cup that’s brewed with these beans.

What we liked about it
– These coffee beans have a low acid profile.
– These coffee beans are inexpensive.
– These coffee beans have great taste.

Also Consider: Real Good Coffee Organic Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Real Good Coffee is a coffee company that’s been based in Seattle, Washington for more than three decades and has become well known for making some of the best coffee products available for purchase by coffee lovers nowadays. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re making an organic coffee that will wow many coffee lovers, even ones who might be a bit picky about the coffee beans they like to grind and brew. Although we do have to say that it’s a little more expensive than comparable whole coffee beans, we think it’s a product that’s worth the added costs.

What makes these beans so great? Well, we think that it all comes down to the way they source their beans. They use single-origin coffee from Central America that’s grown responsibly and without the chemical inputs used by non-organic coffees. This product is then dark roasted so that consumers can enjoy its rich flavor. A flavor that’s slightly acidic and has notes of bell pepper and lemon in it. And to preserve these unique flavors, these beans are quickly and responsibly packed by the company after they’ve been roasted to preserve their flavor.

The way these beans are handled from the moment they’re harvested to the way they’re packaged also makes this an extremely fresh tasting product. A coffee that’s suitable for not only drip machines, but also for French press, Aeropress, and pour-over coffee-making methods. It can even be used to make great tasting coffee in a Moka pot.

Even though we understand that not everyone likes dark roasted coffees, we do think this product is well worth taking a look at by people who like great-tasting coffee. We think that it’s a product that going to be an instant hit with people who usually love dark-roasted coffees and may even be appreciated by some people who don’t ordinarily like dark-roasted coffee beans.

What we liked about it
– This product is made with single-origin coffee beans.
– They have a unique flavor profile.

A Guide To Organic Coffee

The term organic can be a bit confusing to some people, so we decided to write a guide on the subject that will enable the coffee drinker to decide whether this type of product is suitable for them and if it is, how they can buy the best organic coffee possible. This guide intends to give our readers an easy-to-follow definition for organic coffee and to help dispel some of the myths that might surround it. Now that we’ve clarified the purpose of this guide, let’s just right into things with a definition of what it means when coffee is labeled organic.

[wc_fa icon=”cutlery” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]What Is Organic Coffee?

When it comes to coffee beans, the term organic is a very specific term. Coffee can only be labeled organic if at least 95% of its grown beans are grown using organic growing methods. What does organic growing methods mean? It means that the farmer can use synthetic herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides. That might seem like a tall order, but it’s more than doable by most farmers because they can use crop rotation, high altitudes and methods such as planting peppers for use as a pest repellant to keep their product natural. 

Being organic isn’t all on the farmers, however. It’s also important for the processors and the roasters to work to keep the coffee beans organic. For processors, this means that they can’t use chemicals to decaffeinate their products. Of course, there’s no reason why organic coffee beans can’t be decaffeinated, but the method they have to use is the Swiss Water Methods. 

It’s also important for the roasters to do their part in keeping the beans organic, and this means that they must roast the green organic coffee beans separately from the non-organic beans. If all of this is followed, then the product is truly organic.  

[wc_fa icon=”cutlery” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Why Buy Organic Coffee?

Another question we’d like to answer in this guide is why a person should buy organic coffee. And the answer to that is simple: it creates a healthier product. Of course, most of the chemicals used as a pesticide or for decaffeination purposes are usually burned off and rendered inert during the roasting process, but a lot of people don’t want to take that chance. 

Because most of the chemicals used for ordinary coffee production don’t make it into the coffee drinkers’ body, the real reason to purchase organic coffee is for the farms and the communities that surround those coffee farms. Farms that use chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers have a profound effect on the environment. They can poison the soil, groundwater, and rivers. Therefore, it’s probably better to purchase organic products whenever possible. 

[wc_fa icon=”cutlery” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Purchasing The Best Organic Coffee

Okay, the title of this section might be a bit hyperbolic. When we say we’re advising our readers on buying the best organic coffee available, we’re not trying to force our opinion on the coffee drinker. No, we’re trying to help the consumer purchase the best organic coffee according to their tastes and needs. With that in mind, we’ve included some tips that will help coffee drinkers achieve that end. 

[wc_fa icon=”spoon” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Whole Beans Or Ground Coffee?

The first decision the potential coffee buyer is going to want to consider is whether they want whole beans or ground coffee. Although the best organic coffees we’ve selected are all whole bean, so consumers can take control of the grinding process, not everyone wants to grind their own beans. For those coffee drinkers who don’t want to grind their own beans, there are plenty of ground organic coffees available. 

[wc_fa icon=”spoon” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Decide On How The Beans Are Roasted

Another thing that coffee drinkers are going to want to think about is how their beans are roasted. Some people prefer a lightly roasted coffee, while other people might want a medium, medium-dark or dark roasted coffee. The decision is of course up to the consumer, but they should keep in mind that the darker the beans are roasted, the less caffeine they’re going to have. 

[wc_fa icon=”spoon” margin_left=”” margin_right=”10″ class=””][/wc_fa]Look For 100% Arabica Beans

The consumer is also going to want to make sure that they choose coffee products that are made from 100% Arabica beans. Although some high-end coffee products are a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans for making espressos, most of the time, products use a blend of Arabica/Robusta beans because it’s cheaper. 9 times out of 10, products that are made with 100% Arabica beans are higher quality than ones that use a blend. As we said, there are exceptions, but not many.