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Crop report early march

We are starting to see more beets and turnips coming in. The cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are now moving on out for another year, it’s a mixed Bon voyage we wish them on their trip to next years harvest.
Baby sweet potatoes have come in and they are sweet and buttery right now , best time of year to take advantage of this limited crop.
Our fingers are crossed that tony over at perique farms will start harvesting soon after an unusual winter to say the least , but we are expecting artichokes off the bushes any time now. If you have never had 1-2 day old artichokes then you are in for a treat. Sweet and crunchy and not a hint of bitterness. Raw , sliced thin and tossed with olive oil, lemon juice and shaved pecorino cheese and you will understand that the bother if dealing with this sticky thistle is very much worth it.
Well we will keep you updated as we know more.
Thanks for hanging in with us.

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In case you didn’t know, there’s a new sheriff in town. Or at least a new watering hole. Plus they have food. Late night to boot! Sarsaparilla is popping up from 7pm til 1:30am on Tuesday nights right here at Dante’s Kitchen. Locally sourced seasonal small plates, creative cocktails all very affordably priced at 7$ as well as lots of games and live music to to keep you entertained.  Check them out on Facebook @ or at their website They are always here on Tuesdays and are as casual as you would hope. It is a bar pop up after all!  See you then y’all. Cheers.

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